Spa Sparkles Gift Box


This is the perfect gift for those who need a special treat.

This care package includes:

  • Lavender Carole's Candle in round 2 x4.       Dripless and smokeless candle with a beautiful sparkle on top.
  • Naked Bee Pomegranate Honey lotion 2.25 ounce.       Made with only the good stuff!
  • White Soap Lift to help keep your soap from turning into muck! Eco friendly / Bio Plastic which allows water to drain and air to circulate.       Bar soap will last longer leaving no messy residue. BPA & Phthalate Free. Just rinse under running water!
  • Vegan Juniper Tree Soap bar in White Peach Sangria scent. It is adorn with dried lavender on top and is made with no animal by products.       Hand made in small batches in Berkeley, CA.

Please note that these are one of a kind gift boxes.  Each one is hand curated by the staff at Fern's Garden and there is only one available at this time.  If you would like to request an additional gift box with the same or similar items please contact us directly.