Indian Spiced Chai - Wooden Tea box


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  • Premium Ceylon black tea infused with Coriander, Cumin, Fennel, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Curry and Lemon Grass leaves. 

  • To create a classic Indian Chai bring both water and milk of choice to a slow boil and add your tea.  Add any sweetener (we love honey or agave) and let all the flavors come together.  Remove from heat after about 4-5 minutes and enjoy. Can be served hot or iced.

  • Each wooden box contains 25 tea bags of premium tea. 

  • To steep your tea, take one tea bag and place in 205°F -212°F (boiling) water for 4-6 minutes.

  • You can add milk or sugar to taste and can be enjoyed hot or iced. 

  • Can be steeped twice and even three times to get the maximum cups of tea!

  • Each box has a shelf life of 3 years.