Coloring Fun Gift Box


Perfect gift for kids, and fun loving adults

This care package includes;

    • Multi-Colored knit cotton pocket disc great for indoor and outdoor fun. Play Frisbee and other fun games inside. Colors will vary.
    • Sling shot flyers which includes 2 launchers, 24 pilot launching hooks and 24 paper air planes to fold and fly.
    • Hacky sack offers a fun way to get active, great for indoors and outdoors. Colors will vary.
    • Crazy crayons, made of recycled crayons collected by the national crayon program.


Please note that these are one of a kind gift boxes.  Each one is hand curated by the staff at Fern's Garden and there is only one or two available at this time.  If you would like to request an additional gift box with the same or similar items please contact us directly