Oct 8th 2019

There is something inherently attractive and exciting about SoulKu’s gemstone jewelry with its inspirational packaging. Its magic has made it one of the best selling jewelry lines here at Fern’s Garden. However, most customers do not realize that SoulKu is 100% made by mothers working at home so they can tend to their children while they earn a living. According to SoulKu founders Allison and Elise, “Our mission is to empower women. Women like you. Women who want to connect with themselves and the other women in their lives on a deeper level.”

The founders of SoulKu: Elise (right) and Allison.  And rightfully so in awesome flower crowns!

The two mothers founded SoulKu back in 2013, and Fern’s Garden was proudly one of their first wholesale customers. We have continued to expand the SoulKu collection and we are thrilled to share more about the founders and how they have blossomed into a truly unique and wonderfully women lead company.

One of our favorite SoulKu Necklaces. Remember to always have courage!

Allison and Elise have always had a passion for the healing properties of gemstones and wanted to create a community-based company that focuses on inspiring and connecting others together. They did more than that with SoulKu! They created a company where stay-at-home moms can create jewelry while still being able to support their family and stay at home with their kids. They wanted the focus of their company to be on the community of mommas and kiddos -- to be able to share common connections with each other, while supporting their families. “Being mothers is our greatest business asset,” they say. “Better than a Harvard MBA, or the best business consultant out there. We make decisions as moms. We consider SOULKU our child and YOU our family, and we will always do what's best for both.”

SoulKu's momma makers have the greatest gift of being around their little ones while they work.  

When it comes to the designs of SoulKu both Allison and Elise wanted to keep the focus on the gemstone. They wanted to showcase its healing properties to the customers. They created an inspirational card to present each piece of jewelry with the main healing property of the stone and signed by the momma maker. Each piece is simple and perfect for everyday wear.

Set your intentions with all the SoulKu necklaces.  Photo Credit: SoulKu

As SoulKu has grown over the years, Allison and Elise along with their team have strived to put their customers first and really value the community around them. Allison put it best when telling us what she is most grateful for. She shared that they “are incredibly blessed and honored to be a part of so many people's journeys. We are often brought to tears when customers share testimonials of how one of our pieces of jewelry has become such an integral part of their lives.” It really can be the little things in life that can make an impact like a healing stone on a necklace created by a company that cares about the customer.

The word “Ku” in Japanese translates to “a place of infinite possibility.” So the company’s name could be loosely translated as, “A place where, guided by our soul’s calling, anything is possible.” SoulKu’s mission, however, is infinitely simple: It is a mission of service. “We want to be in service in every facet of our business; in service to our customers, our employees, our mama makers, our vendors, even our postal carriers. We want every being that has helped create our products and that comes in contact with SoulKu to feel loved, empowered, celebrated and inspired.”

Thank you, Allison and Elise, for the many Fern’s Garden customers who have been nurtured and inspired by your mothers’ missions of service and care!