EKP Creations- Up-cycled wine bottle candles

Nov 15th 2019

We here at Fern’s Garden take great pride in featuring the creative work of artisans across America. However, every now and then we get that extra special experience of discovering an artisan right in our own back yard. Keri founded EKP Creations candles with her husband Emiliano right here in Long Beach in 2014 where they started making their recycled wine bottle candles in their kitchen. We added their candles to our Long Beach store in 2016 and they have been a hit ever since. The two candle makers are doing something truly unique by recycling wine and beer bottles into candles.

An arrangement of some of the candles made by EKP. Photo Credit: EKP Creations

The spouses made a perfect team, with Keri creating intriguing scents while Emiliano cut the glass on the bottles. As they refined and perfected their process, they started attending local craft fairs where their candles would consistently sell out. The rest is history, as they expanded into the wholesale market and began selling candles to other retailers. Keri left her office job to make candles full time. In the mean time, Emiliano refined his glass cutting skills so he could hand-cut and polish each upcycled bottle.

Keri and Emiliano the candle making team! Photo Credit: EKP Creations

Today, Keri has her own studio where she creates candles and mixes scents. She only uses all-natural soy that was produced from American-grown soybeans. The soy burns clean and the scent will fill an entire room. The best part about soy-based candles is that they are completely renewable. Keri tells us that “the soy wax contains no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants, which means it’s less likely to trigger allergies.” Also with clean-burning soy wax, there is no soot residue, which is a big advantage.

Keri continues to create what she calls “crave-able, memorable candle fragrances” that are infused with only natural essential oils. She has a variety of scents ranging from floral and sweet to musky and earthy making a scent for everyone. She also does an amazing job of matching each scent to a given wine bottle.

As Keri continues to grow her company, she has added many new products, including custom wine bottles and travel candles. We now carry her original upcycled wine bottle candles as well as some travel jar candles with her top scents. The future looks very bright for Keri, Emiliano and EKP Creations. We are thankful to have them in our stores, and we are excited to discover what they come up with next. Cheers!