Curly Girl Design

Oct 4th 2019

Fern’s Garden has been honored to carry Curly Girl Designs for over 10 years, and each year they seem to connect with more and more of our customers. We call our greeting card lines “artist driven,” meaning they are designed to feature the artist who created them rather than a stock image or some trite phrases. Curly Girl definitely qualifies with its simple artwork and honest words.

Curly Girl Design Show Booth.  Photo Credit: Curly Girl Design

Leigh Standley is the artist behind this amazing company. Leigh’s whimsical and witty work has been in the making for the better part of her thirty-ish years. Born and raised in St. Louis, Leigh began designing in seventh grade, where she “got poor marks in Math class for doodling.” She went on to attend the University of Kansas School of Design and holds a BFA in Visual Communications. Her work has been featured in national design publications and regional art shows. Leigh’s background in musical theater also helped bring together the unique skills needed for a successful greeting card designer, giving her the tools she needed to connect her art with her witty lines.

One of our favorite cards by Leigh the "Peacock" .  Photo Credit: Curly Girl Designs

Leigh does in fact have curly hair which was the inspiration for her company’s name. She is married and has two beautiful children. She has lived in Boston for over 13 years and likes it so much she “only occasionally wishes it were Paris.” She says her goal is to always stay true to herself in her art and to her customers. She runs Curly Girl designs with a talented group of women and strives every day to find inspiration for her team and her family.

Leigh Standley with her curly hair and all.  Photo Credit: Jenny Moloney Photo

Leigh’s greeting card career began in college, where she had a hobby of making postcards and prints for family and friends. She says she tries not to limit herself when it comes to inspiration but instead looks for it in her everyday life. She starts a work of collage art with inspirational or witty words; the artwork always seems to follow pretty easily. 

One of our favorite Thank You cards by Curly Girl.  Photo Credit: Curly Girl Design

Curly Girl Designs really got kick-started in 2004 when Leigh decided to show up at the National Stationery show with only 12 greeting cards. Now she has over 300 cards that cover all occasions. She continues to make all her cards in the USA, which of course really makes us happy here at Fern’s Garden! Over the years she has added magnets, mugs, candles, and even chocolates.

Curly Girl Design wholesale show booth.  Photo Credit: Curly Girl Design

Leigh enjoys traveling, old movies, and singing. She can’t live without: yoga, her family, Snickers and Lucy the Wonder Dog. She has strong feelings about education, believes in magic, and is quite certain that given a cape and a nice tiara, she could save the world. She may not be saving the world, but she is definitely bringing lots of smiles and joy to our lucky customers. We have grown with Curly Girl over these past 10 years, and carrying Leigh’s work has been one of our greatest pleasures!

One of our favorite cards by Curly Girl!