Music of the Spheres

Sep 26th 2019

Come in and ring the chimes! Every day we have customers that come into our stores and ring the chimes we have on display. A favorite among the chimes that are rung is the Music of the Spheres chime … read more

​Raku Pottery Joy Crafters

Sep 21st 2019

Raku Pottery Joy CraftersOver the years we had the great privilege of expanding on the Raku Potteryworks line! We started out only carrying a few Angel and dream jars, and now carry almost the entire … read more

Moksha Bells

Sep 19th 2019

Moksha Imports started just over 11 years ago with a simple mission to bring the best handmade products to customers and in doing so, helping the artisans and their families live a sustainable and mea … read more

Jacob's Musical Chimes

Sep 13th 2019

The first artist to profile in our “15 artists for 15 years” series just had to be our very own Jacob’s Musical Chimes. Jacob’s Chimes is the musical windchime company founded by Fern’s brother Jacob … read more

Fern's Garden, Then & Now

Sep 6th 2019

Wow! We cannot believe that we have been in Belmont Shore for 15 years! We are so grateful and honored to have the most wonderful customers to support our venture here. We cannot thank you enough f … read more