EKP Creations- Up-cycled wine bottle candles

Nov 15th 2019

We here at Fern’s Garden take great pride in featuring the creative work of artisans across America. However, every now and then we get that extra special experience of discovering an artisan right … read more

​World Finds

Oct 12th 2019

“She believed she could, so she did. So much can happen with the right mindset and belief system in place!”We wanted to start this blog off with a favorite quote by Kelly Weinberger, the founder of Wo … read more


Oct 8th 2019

There is something inherently attractive and exciting about SoulKu’s gemstone jewelry with its inspirational packaging. Its magic has made it one of the best selling jewelry lines here at Fern’s Garde … read more

Curly Girl Design

Oct 4th 2019

Fern’s Garden has been honored to carry Curly Girl Designs for over 10 years, and each year they seem to connect with more and more of our customers. We call our greeting card lines “artist driven,” m … read more

Music of the Spheres

Sep 26th 2019

Come in and ring the chimes! Every day we have customers that come into our stores and ring the chimes we have on display. A favorite among the chimes that are rung is the Music of the Spheres chime … read more