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Chinese Calligraphy Bracelet

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Chinese Calligraphy Bracelet

Adjustable to fit all.

Chinese calligraphy is well recognized as an art unto itself. Now you or the lucky recipient of this beautiful bracelet can wear the artwork produced by these artists. Each of the porcelain beads has a Chinese character inscribed upon it. No fussing with clips and clasps: just pull small beads to close the bracelet.

This bracelet comes from China Star, Ltd, who says: "We reward our artisans generously and take joy in knowing that our own growth has also benefited their lifestyles and families. We have a personal commitment to ethics, worker safety and quality."


This item is temporarily out of stock. The artist is working hard to make more! For an estimate of when it will be back, please call us at 1-800-759-0871. Thanks for your patience!