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Santa-Mingo Pink Flamingo with Santa Suit

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Santa-Mingo Pink Flamingo with Santa Suit

Plastic flamingo with hand sewn Santa suit. Flamingo is 21 1/2" long and 16" in body circumference. Legs are 23" long.

The Santamingos have landed... again! Fern's Garden is delighted to offer this surprise best seller: The "Santa-Mingo"! It took us a while to find plastic pink flamingos that are made in the U.S.A., but here they are. The Santa-Mingo is really two products: a pink flamingo and a Santa suit. Dress up your flamingo for Christmas, then proudly display him (or her) "au natural" the rest of the year. Some folks even make their own costumes to celebrate holidays like Easter, Independence Day, you name it! What's old is new, and now the classic pink flamingo lawn decoration can be yours!