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Universe Order Pad

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Universe Order Pad

Each pad contains 30 order forms with carbon-less copies, divider, guidance and affirmations. 3-1/2" x 7"

Don't you wish you could just whip out your order pad, write up an order for exactly what you want (including yellow carbonless copy), tear it out and hand it to an accepting universe which would then fill your order with a smile? Now you can do exactly that, with the Universe Order Pad by spiritualist philosopher Lisa Brooks Mills.

The Universe Order Pad is not a gimmick and it is not a novelty. It is a legitimate tool for organizing your thoughts and affirming to the universe what you want. Start off your day or week with an order; by writing it down you have taken the first step to making it happen.

The Universe Order Pad includes much more than we can show you here (pictured is the cover, and in "Detail view" the order form). On the inside cover is an affirmation starting, "The Universe is very generous and giving. I am blessed and I am thankful," and goes on from there. The back cover contains a full explanation and guidance, while the fold-out copy divider flap is filled with more inspiring affirmations and artwork.

The Universe Order Pad is a truly enlightening gift for yourself or that seeker on your list.