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  • Jacob's Plant Adorn-a-ment Chime - Hand
  • Paper Crown, King - Ties
  • California Souvenir Kitchen Towel, Red
  • Magnetic Adorn-a-ment Chimes, "Dream Big"
  • Red Coiled Choco Seed Bracelet
  • Bookbutton® Magnetic Bookmark, Hummingbird
  • Jacob's Fairy Greeting Card Chimes
  • Aromatherapy Candle - Blessing
  • Kitten Refrigerator Magnet Chimes
  • Paper Tiara, Fly - Butterflies

Welcome to Fern's Garden, a place to find beautiful, hand crafted, affordable items that are made in the U.S.A. or abroad in an ethical manner. The artisans you'll find on these pages earn a fair wage for their work. Most of our products are American made. For those that are made abroad, we seek out fair traded companies and companies that pay fair wages and give back to the communities where their products are made. You'll notice we include a symbol on every product page indicating where and how the item is made. At you can purchase something beautiful and feel good about helping people who really put their hands and heart into their work!