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Some comments from our customers...

Growing up in So Cal, I discovered [Jacob's Musical] chimes 20 years ago. I have 2 of my own and have purchased 3 as gifts. I now reside in Moose Creek, Alaska and still relish in the joy they bring. After a LONG, COLD winter, it made my heart sing to bring both my Waterfall and Grandfather chimes out of their special spot in the garage to our deck, to enjoy in our now sunnier, longer days. With the return of the Canadian geese, blue skies above, and the precious melodies of my chimes, spring has returned to Alaska (finally), bringing with it, tears of joy. Thanks for such beautiful chimes that always stop me in my tracks and make me smile (or sometimes cry)!

I am so glad I have purchased products from your online store, and I am just as glad to be on your emailing list. Fern, your service was outstanding and not to be matched. What a wonderful treat to finally see you both in the ABC news piece that featured Fern's Garden I watched thanks to your email link. I will forward it to my sister in Eugene Oregon who I referred to your site after I gave her an Angel Car Chime, and she wanted to purchase 5 car chimes for various friends. Thank you for supporting ethically made and fair trade gifts by American artisans. I love your mission and Fern's Garden really does make a difference. I wish you continued thriving success in the future.
Sincerely, Brian in Seattle

Just wanted to let you know that the necklace arrived in plenty of time, and she LOVED it! Perfect retirement gift for someone retiring from rehabilitation (it had a saying by Helen Keller). Thank you so much!

Thank you! The order arrived last Thursday, the day after you shipped it, and the chimes graced the deck of the newlyweds for their wedding reception on Saturday. They LOVE the sound and said the set is a perfect size for their deck. Thanks for your pleasant, helpful, and prompt service in sending them out.

Art...From the heart. I love that! I love all the unique items you offer and always enjoy visiting your store and all the treasures you have. I just found your wonderful website and did some after-hours gift shopping. Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service - the gifts I ordered arrived the next day. Wishing you continued prosperity!

Hello again Jacob and now Fern, I had the pleasure of purchasing two of your Cascade wind chimes in 1982 and still enjoy their full beauty today. Over these many years they have traveled from SoCA to Spokane Wa and now back to Chino Hills CA. I was still able to see your logo on the chime and took a chance that I would be able to find you again. Thank you so much for keeping your tradition alive and I will look forward to seeing your store. I cannot wait to add to my collection with the Grandfather chime. That is the only size I do not have. No other chime will ever compare to your quality of craftsmanship or beauty of sound. I am so glad I hit the BING button to try and find you. Thank you for 29 years of total musical enjoyment.
My very best wishes and thanks for keeping it real in the world of pre-fab! My expectations have been totally blown away!!!
Sincerely, Vivian

I just love ordering from Fern's Garden online and over the phone! I didn't realize I was out of the Angel Car Charms and called Fern's Garden to order more. On such short notice they had it shipped to me on the day of a Memorial Service I was attending! I have been ordering these Car Charms for over 10 years.
Rosemarie in Colorado

We visited your store by chance on the way back to Illinois after the Christmas holiday and discovered your products enchanting. Since we didn't have much room in our luggage I'm glad to have found your website. You folks are a great American treasure I'll be glad to support! Great concepts and peaceful flowing vision of what we all should aspire to.

I am sending you this message to thank you! The chimes I ordered were for a Christmas gift to my sister in TX. She opened them and was so delighted! When I asked her if the package was gift wrapped, she said it was beautifully done up. Your chimes were sent with a very personal meaning intended and she understood immediately. Thank you for helping to make a special gift even more so.

This summer I was blessed with a beautiful granddaughter named... Fern. While I was looking online for things that might hold her name, I came across your Web site. To say I was thrilled, is an understatement! How refreshing to find a company that sells American-made and fair trade items! And everything looks so wonderful, and fairly priced!! My Christmas shopping has officially begun!
The next time I'm in Southern California, I'll definitely be stopping by your store!

I love your store and the treasures I find inside. I used to live close to the store on 2nd steet and recently moved to Louisiana- Now I will be an Internet customer, and am so excited that you have such a wonderful website. I have found some of the most unique items and each one has such good positive energy! Not only do I feel good when I purchase it- the person whom I give it too feels good too. Thank you for searching out such unique items and bringing these artisans work to us. Wishing you much prosperity.

I recieved the Word Stones kit and the Foodie magnetic poetry from my daughter, love them. I have also been to your store and had fun looking at everything.

Five years ago I purchased a chime with a heart on the top while on a business trip in San Diego For a while it hung on a lamp in our guest room but later that year my dad passed away. He always loved windchimes so it was fitting to place this chime at his gravesite. Now, the chime has fallen apart, (Maine winters can be harsh) I have looking for a similar size chime, but none have the perfect sound like a Jacob's chime. I recently traveled to CO and found a Jacob's chime but the design was a frog, not what I wanted. I am so thankful to find your website! Now I can replace the chime with exactly what I want. Thank you for sharing your art.

Just wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with the repair you did on my chimes. It is very rare in this day and age to find someone who says they offer a lifetime guarantee and actually mean it. My chimes were very old and you sent them back to me looking like new. I know I will enjoy them for many more years and you can be sure that I will send warm thoughts your way each time I hear their melody!
Thank you so very much from a grateful gardener in Colorado!

I simply love your product, I am spreading the word in florida... These are great gifts. I received one for Christmas and now I have ordered twice. Thanks for responding and you will get more orders from me.
A very satisfied customer... Kathy

Thank you for the incredible and prompt service with my order. The special attention and LOVE you put into packing and shipping to accommodate my special request was noticed and very much appreciated. The fact that you also include a hand signed business card is a wonderful personal touch. I am completely satisfied with my experience shopping at If I ever come to your area, I will make a point of stopping by to shop and to give you a hug, you deserve it.
Again, Thank you very much !
Sincerely, Brian from Seattle

Thank you so much for the wonderful customer service!! Our order arrived yesterday with plenty of time for Christmas :)

THANK YOU SO MUCH for Max's courteous service over the phone and the quick sending of the gift certificate I had ordered! It arrived this morning, December 11, well in time for my giving it on Monday.
I have been in your store a number of times and always enjoy shopping there.
Thank you also for your ethical business practices when it comes to dealing w/globalization and the fair-traded imported items.

I just want to say a tearful thank you. I have ordered several of the ladybug windchimes and ladybug windchime necklaces in memory of my daugther who passed away. These chimes are the perfect gift to honor her. I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful work you do.

I've missed my Jacob's wind chimes... got lost in a move last year... since 1990 your chimes have been an important part of my life... glad to have found you! Be well, Jean

Thank you so very much. The chime arrived on schedule, and my wife is thrilled with it. My co-worker (Joy) is related to you, and turned me on to your web site, after I mentioned the beautiful chimes I had seen at Descanso Gardens and wished I had purchased one. Thanks again. HBC

Just wanted to send a sincere note of thanks for the safe delivery of my beautiful purchases from Fern's. They arrived perfectly & I thank you for your great packing job. Thanks again for shipping... my husband also thanks you :) We love our items & proudly have them in our front yard for all of my neighbors to enjoy as much as we do... they are awesome. I'll be visiting my son in CA again in April & hope to stop by to see what else I can find. THANKS SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR SUPERB SERVICE & awesome products!!
Best Wishes from WI

Hello, I received my wall pocket the other day and I can't tell you how beautiful it is! I have it on a wall with a small flower arrangement and I smile every time I walk by. Thank you so much. I will be back to buy gifts for friends and family. You do wonderful work.
Mary Kay

I can not tell you what joy these windchimes have given me in the 17+ years they have hung outside my back door. They are the only windchimes I have ever liked at all, let alone loved! Thank you very much.
Julie in Dallas

Got my order in today. All I can say is WOW! The bracelet fits nicely, very soft leather and the peace symbol stands out nicely. A great way to show how I feel about issues of today. Thanks for the prompt, friendly service.
Peace, Ken

My Little Piper chimes arrived today. I am delighted with the kind and efficient way my order was handled. Blessings to you and yours and it is so wonderful to find a product that comes from the United States of America.
Sincerely, June

I received my package yesterday and let me share with you how pleased I am ;)
Not only did you package my plaque with bubble wrap, tape and the best caution, but the packaging was pretty and stylish! I am so happy with my heart car wind chime and my plaque. My fiancee was equally impressed and the next time we are out in Long beach we are stopping by your store. Thank you for spreading joy ;)

My boyfriend has always loved chimes. His home is up on a hilltop and had 25 chimes at one time. I bought one of your chime necklaces years ago at a quaint shop in South Pasadena. When the necklace would chime it would remind me of him. "Someday" if we ever get married (we are 58 and 69 yrs old) my dream is to give each guest in the church a chime pin or necklace from your company. When we finally say "I Do" I want everyone in the church to sound their chimes in celebration!

I just wanted to let you know how much I love the car chimes and not only are they wonderful gifts, but the recipients are thrilled with them as well. I recently gave a co-worker the Hamsa car chimes and she loves them so much that she wrote me a long, beautiful thank you note. She felt it was the perfect gift at the perfect time. Thank you Jacob, for making such beautiful music.

Thank you for shipping this so quickly! This is the second time I've ordered from you in the past year and have always been so pleased with the service and product!

As a librarian, how I love wearing your necklaces. In my relative quiet atmosphere, I love whisking by a table of someone deep in thought and they hear its lilting sound and smile not knowing where the sound came from. Ah magic!

I recently purchased one of your turtle Car Charms while on vacation in Hawaii. I had never seen them anywhere before and I wanted to tell you that I love it. I've hung it in my car and whenever I turn a corner, the sound that it emits is lovely. Thank you so much for making my driving experience now — a pleasure.

Congratulations on supporting the American Artisan! My girlfriend and I visited your store on Sunday and spent a long time enjoying the variety of possible gifts for ourselves and others. I am a third generation Arizonan (Sedona was my great grandmother) and now live in Hermosa Beach — but I truly felt back at home in your artistic sanctuary and appreciated the personal customer service. God bless you.

I recently ordered seven car chimes, and even though I live in Alaska, they came so quick in the mail... Thank you so much! I bought a chime for all my girlfriends and family because I love what the chime does for me when I'm in the car. More often than not I'll turn off the radio just to listen, and going down our bumpy dirt road to home is a joy now. The chime keeps me present and happy, which is so hard to do when driving amidst the road maniacs around here. I even came up with a little rhyme:
If you will take the time
to listen to the chime,
you will begin to see
your mind is easy and free.

I received Jacob's Waterfall wind chimes just in time for the few days of spring in Maryland, when I can open all the windows and enjoy the warm breeze, listening to the waterfall chimes....they're so beautiful! Thank you so much!

We'd like to say thank you for restoring our chimes so beautifully. They look as good as the day we brought them home nearly 10 years ago. I am sitting outside now writing this message and I can hear both my Grandfather chime and my Waterfall chime. They are truly beautiful. I don't think there's a better investment in a peaceful place than one of your chimes.

I purchased one angel car chime for my oldest brother who has an inoperable brain tumor. He was touched. I decided myself, my 4 sisters and another brother should have the same charm for good luck but could only locate 4 in my area. So my sister found your website for me and I'm happy she did!

Hi there — I got my lovely suncatchers — thank you!  They add so much to my home.  Glad I found you!

I have received the delivery this afternoon.  My items are beautiful!  Thank you for such prompt service.

I ordered a couple of things from your site, I was happy at how fast they arrived. Thanks

That's terrific...what customer service! Thanks so much...everyone I see loves these items. I will point them to you. Thanks

Thank you for your promptness in shipping out my order. It arrived today, and I am thrilled. Thank you also, for providing this service. I love the car chimes, and you are the only place that I have found them. Thank you very much.

I received my order the other day and I am so pleased with it. I just love wind chimes. I ordered a set of the mini ones that go in a plant. They are so cute! I think everyone should have at least one set of wind chimes. Me, personally, I have about 10 sets. I am sure you will be hearing from me again soon. Thank you.

Hi. Received the shipment of the Cathedral Chimes Tuesday. Thank you Very Much for your prompt response to my online order. As a satisfied customer, I will be back again. Thanks.

I was amazed to see my order arrive at my door the NEXT DAY! Wow! How great. I was given the angel chime for my car about 3 months ago from my secret prayer pal at church. They have been such a blessing to me...every time I hear them softly chime, it makes me remember someone is praying for me and also, a sense of God's peace comes over me. So, thank you. You will be blessing others with them soon! God Bless

I love your site and wish I could visit your store. It looks like some place I could wonder around in for hours!

I'm so glad you have a web page. Last time I visited your shop you didn't have one up and running...of course that was a while ago. I don't get back to Los Alamitos as often as I would like, so the web page is a great alternative.

Just to let you know that the order arrived safely today, thank you. We bought one of the chimes whilst we were on holiday in California earlier this year and when we arrived home, wished we had bought extras as presents for our family. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, we've been able to do so! Many thanks for your efficient service and all good wishes to you and everyone at Fernsgarden.

I am writing in gratitude and excitement that I was able to find you on my search for Peacecraft. I received a beautiful peace crane from my sister in Colorado on my birthday this past May. With recent events and prayerful hopes for peace on earth.........I have been finding much comfort in that little crane full of much love and innocence.

Received the butterfly door chime. I love it!!! Thank you

Hi! Thanks for being there. I LOVE your musical chimes.

Elise, thank you very much! I suspect you're an angel ;) Happy Holidays!

To the Very Nice Lady Attending the Store this morning: A sincere Thank You from the couple whom you helped and even went the extra mile for us in finding the store "ArtFlow Design". Due to our time constraint, we were not able to explore the beauty of your store and the nice items. We hope to drop by some other time. since we are in the area most of the time. My mother and 3 sisters lived in Bellflower and Lakewood and we have mentioned this store to see it for themselves. Again, from the bottom of our hearts...Thank You.

I have spent a LOT of time in Salt Lake City over the past 3-4 years. While there I discovered a store called "Glifx". It is SO "magnetic" I find myself there almost every day! It was there, I discovered Jacob's Musical Chimes!! After purchasing several as gifts, I HAD to have some for myself! Amazingly, instead of just "tossing" the tag away.... I happened to actually read it!! It was THEN I discovered, you are right in my "back yard"!!!!! I live on Signal Hill. Sadly, there is NO "Glifx" in California, & quite by chance, I found your BEAUTIFUL store the other day! I am THRILLED! I'm a "self taught" crafter/graphic artist, redesigning my home using all the Feng Shui/Chi techniques I can possibly find. I have a lovely "Serenity Garden" (patio) & can't tell you how wonderful I feel finding "Fern's Garden"! Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!! For all the amazingly "Spiritually crafted" treasures of Jacob's Designs, as well as the other charming delights I've now found! Be assured, I'll be an ongoing customer!

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